Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adventures in Tashlich: A lucky break

When my husband arrived at my office this past Monday evening with siddur/prayer book and bread crumbs in hand, he said it was pouring rain outside. So we figured we'd try doing Tashlich another day, grab a bite at Kosher Delight, and continue uptown to Ruth Goodman's Israeli folk dancing session in the Kraft Center's Rennert Hall. But we forgot to get off the train at 34th Street, and decided to grab a full-meal bowl of soup at Estihana on 79th St. instead. Lo and behold, when we got off the train, it wasn't raining anymore. Since the sky was already wearing its sunset colors, we dashed westward to the 79th-street boat basin, on the Hudson River, as quickly as we could walk, and hit the Hudson just in time to say the psalms and toss the bread crumbs before it became too dark to read. The Hudson is a lovely place to say Tashlich. I'm glad we made it there in time to davven (pray) and see the last of the sunset.


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